Next-Gen Endpoint Protection

  • Signature-less technology
  • Analyzes & quarantines before execution
  • Protects from Zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Prevents malicious encryption from Malware
  • Anti-exploit technology
  • Web Browser Exploit Technology
  • Category based URL blocking
  • Download reputation
  • Device control (eg:USB)
  • Potentially unwanted application (PUA) blocking

Anti-Phishing Training & Testing

  • Addresses a hacker’s most effective tool, Phishing Campaigns
  • End-users are the largest, most vulnerable target in most organizations
    Security awareness is an integral part of any defense strategy
  • Tests the level of awareness your end-users have through attack simulations
  • Improve end-user awareness with simple integrated training
  • Produce management reports to monitor end-user awareness and progress

Email Security

  • Malware and Phishing Protection
  • Intercept all emails containing suspicious content, attachments, or URLs
  • Anti-spoofing technology prevents phishing and imposter emails reaching your users
  • Reputation filtering blocks more than 99% of spam at the gateway

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment, also known as vulnerability analysis, is a process that defines, identifies, and classifies the security holes (vulnerabilities) in a computer, network, or communications infrastructure.

Wikipedia defines the 4 steps of VA as follows:

  • Cataloging assets and capabilities (resources) in a system.
  • Assigning quantifiable value (or at least rank order) and importance to those resources
  • Identifying the vulnerabilities or potential threats to each resource
  • Mitigating or eliminating the most serious vulnerabilities for the most valuable resources

Our Vulnerability Assessment tools, will scan your network looking for weaknesses in your security profile, vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious cyber criminals.

We will provide your organization with detail reporting of our findings, review them with you, and guide you through the necessary steps required to correct them. We strongly suggest that a scan be performed at least once a quarter.

About Virtugard

Virtugard is the cybersecurity and development division of Retailmatics.

In discussions with dozens of our clients, the topic ultimately leads to the protection of their data assets. The rise of Ransomware over the last several years is of particular concern. Whereas cyber criminals were once targeting valuable data that could be sold (credit cards, S.I.N) that behavior has changed. Thieves have learned that making money off of this type of information is difficult, dangerous and in decreasing availability. Its much easier to merely deny a user of their data, than to steal it. Ransomware targets any organization or individual, with data that is important to the owner. That’s just about everyone.

Due to the dramatic increase in successful attacks, we understand that sophisticated software and education tools are required. Virtugard was founded for just this purpose.

Please browse our site and feel to contact us for any questions or concerns.

Millions of Phishing attacks a day


Probability that Phish Emails opened more times than SPAM

Billions of Dollars in Ransomware revenue 2016

Thousands of new Ransomware variations per day

  • Phishing Emails with Ransomware 97%
  • Phishing Attacks by Organized Crime 89%
  • Phishing Emails That get Opened 30%
  • Those aware of Phishing, that ignore risk 78%
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